Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Time Out For A Break

This weekend 2 of my wee nieces are having a birthday party, that I can't attend. The party was a last minute event planned by the mommas, so I can't travel to be with them. However, I saw this as a wonderful opportunity to send some knitted love. So I'm taking a break from the Lace Cardigan (like I need one) to make BUDDY BAGS!

I ran out last Saturday to the local big box craft store and picked up some Caron Simply Soft yarn in purple and pink hues. I've used this yarn before and for an acrylic yarn it's good yarn. It's not scratchy and the best part is it's inexpensive. I'm starting graduate school here in the next few weeks, so I gotta watch the budget. Plus I have no qualms using acrylic yarn for a little kids bag that will probably get tossed around through who knows what.

So far I'm done with the bag portion of the purple one, but I'll post pics of that in the next post. I have to do some serious i-cord knitting. . .fun. I was hoping to have these done by this week, but I don't think that's gonna happen. I'm shooting for the weekend and then I'll just pop them in the mail for the little princesses.

For future kiddie gifts is there any yarn (acrylic or other) that you recommend?

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