Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Recap

Well, they say this past weekend was the official end of summer. It's September and the mercury is supposed to be dropping. The cooler temperatures will start to turn the leaves on the trees and we'll soon be surrounded by golds, reds, and oranges. It's time to start making soup and bringing out those hand knits.

There's only one thing. . . . . I live in the South. And although the temps this summer have been cooler than normal, thanks to all the rain we've had, we won't be seeing Fall temps for another one or two months. In fact, this has been one odd summer for us. We've only had sunny days in the past month and even then we've had showers scattered throughout the past weeks. The hubby and I haven't had a lot of outdoor time for a lot of reasons, not just the rain. And I'm not even complaining about the rain. It's been a God send and aside from keeping the temps low, it's made things nice and green around here. Plus it helped the drought we'd been under for the past years.

All that to say my sorta summer just kind of began and will be going on for another few weeks. I think. So. . . .

This Labor Day weekend I:

-Drove to my hometown for my 10yr high school reunion. Totally surreal, has it really been 10 years? I was hesitant to go up until Thursday of last week. My high school gang wasn't going to be there and I wondered who would be there that I'd want to see. In the end though I'm happy I went. I saw my best friend from 4th grade! We hung out with different crowds in high school, so we sort of drifted apart. It was so nice to catch up and find out that she's living nearby again.

-Continued working on the Lace Cardigan. The long weekend afforded me some time for knitting, so I've only got a few more rows before I begin the right front panel.

-I studied. Enough said.
Actually it's not that bad. So far graduate school has been good and I'm really enjoying it. I even got a graduate assistant position. But check back in 3 months, I may not be saying the same thing.

-I saw "Nanny Diaries". It was a cute romantic comedy. Nothing out of this world, but after a long weekend it was a simple, fun, no brainer to watch.

-I ordered the Eco+ Wool for the Fall Cable Kal that I mentioned in my last post. I can't wait to get my hands on that yummy wool goodness. It may not be Fall around here, but the knitting says different.

So that's the recap. I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm off to catch a bit of rest before I start studying tonight. Hmm, you may get sick of reading that. . .and I may get sick of writing that!

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Christie said...

Where did you order your eco wool from? I just found yet another sweater I can't live without and I thought I might buy that yarn to make it up with...