Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Knitting......having some fun.

Summer knitting in the south means small projects and cool fibers. Literally and figuratively. So, I've been working on a scarf version of Clapotis using a pattern I found on that most lovely of websites, Ravelry.

I bought the yarn, oh back in April, when me and N went away for our anniversary. We had a great weekend in a small little town about an hour from here. We stayed in a craftsman style home turned B&B. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great time doing what we do best. . . . .eating! Wow, we ate a lot and a lot of good food. I still dream of the cinnamon beignets with raspberry preserves we had for breakfast one morning. My mouth is watering just remembering them. . . . .drool.

So, anyhoo I of course had to check out the LYS seeing as I'm only so slightly addicted to yarn. N was kind enough to drop me off at the LYS while he ran back to the B&B to leave the car, walk back and meet me at the yarn store. This of course was fantastic for me, because I always feel rushed (love you babe!) when he's with me. I just assume he's bored out of his mind, so I rush through yarn stores. As a side note, my MIL is now knitting and she's totally hooked so I have someone to go to yarn stores with. Woohoo!!

O.k. so where was I, oh yeah. So, I walked into the LYS and started looking at the selection. I didn't know what I wanted, because I usually have a pattern in mind. I've discovered I'm that type of knitter. I don't typically buy yarn unless I have a pattern in mind. Go figure, you learn something new about yourself everyday. It seems that the only time I buy yarn on a whim is when I'm on vacation as a souvenir, but I never know what to get!! Well, I decided to just go with the, "what looks pretty" and the "what will remind me of this trip" selection. So far that technique works. I ended up buying 3 balls of Rowan Natural Silk Aran which is a blend of linen and silk. The colorway is a subtle blue with some green called Flax. I was torn between that or a more green colorway (I love green), but settled on the blue to try something new. You know expand the horizons and all that. Plus, the blue just reminded me of the gorgeous spring weather we were having, with the cool breezes and clear skies.

The texture of the yarn is kind of nubby and raw, so I really wanted a pattern to showcase the fabric it made.

Clapotis scarf Love!

I knew I wanted a scarf, because I am madly in love with scarves even though I live where we have short winters. I've adored Clapotis from afar, but knew that the pattern could eventually drive my short attention span batty. Enter the mini-version! A beautiful compromise and a great pattern to show off this great yarn. Seriously, I really like this yarn. It's soft (thank you silk), it has a slight sheen (again, thank you silk), and kind of squishy. It feels great around my neck!!

I'm all done knitting the scarf, but I don't have any FO shots. I'll leave you with an in progress shot until I can get N to take some proper pictures.

Clapotis Scarf

There you have it! Now, I'm back to work on a sweater that's been hanging around for 2 years too long. The saga continues with my cropped cardigan from Rebecca. . .

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