Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day(s)

Happy Labor Day! I hope you're able to enjoy some time off and take it easy today. I was up early, so I took my dogs out for a walk before it got too hot to walk them today. Now, I'm just sitting around having some breakfast and thinking what an appropriate title for today's post given that I'm about to talk about more baby knitting!

Dude, babies have been springing up left and right around here! And it seems I'm not the only one who has been doing some baby knitting or has some baby knitting on the radar. Babies seem to come in waves don' they? Well, at least in my world. Since, March I've had four friends give birth. One in March, one in May, then two last weekend! I've knit for all but the March baby boy (oops). You saw the Baby Berry Hat from my last post, so today I'm going to show you my most favorite to date.

(sorry about the glare)
pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman February Sweater from the Knitter's Almanac
yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy "Visual Purple" colorway
needles: 6 U.S.

I have been wanting to knit Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Sweater for a while now, but didn't have any baby girl to knit it for until recently. Back in middle school I had a really good friend named Megan who moved away freshman year. She was my best friend, so I was pretty sad when she left that summer. We didn't stay in touch except for one letter that we managed to write to each other. I tried to find her years later using the internet, but never came up with anything concrete. Then last year I found out that she and her old middle school boyfriend (who by the way is one of my good high school friends) where talking again. One thing led to another and they started dating and now they have a baby girl! Crazy how life works sometimes.

Anyhoo, I wanted to give them something special because they are both really good friends of mine and what could be better than a hand knit. In comes EZ with her awesome pattern and on top of that I finally got the opportunity to buy a yarn that I've been wanting to try out. Dream in Color yarn. That stuff is seriously yum. It's soft and colorful and rich and smooshy! It has great yardage too. I managed to knit a good sized baby sweater for little Maya and even had yarn left over for a Vine Lacy Baby Hat AND I still had yarn left over. I gave the left over yarn to my MIL, so she could try it out. I know too sweet :-) But you have to spread the yarn love.

(more glare)

So there you have it. All the baby knits so far. I would like to make something for my friend's baby who was born in March, since I never got around to it. If you have any cute baby boy patterns let me know!

Hmm, what a nice morning already! I don't have any major plans today other than (ugh) doing some reading for school, but the rest of the day is open for anything. Hope your day is just as nice. Be safe and Happy Labor Day!


Christie said...

Yep, knitting all around. Oh, and besides my sil and her sister who are having babies in October, I just found out my cousin adopted a baby girl! So an EZ sweater may be in my future too! It looks so pretty in the purple!

Kara said...

How cute! That color just is destined to be a darling baby knit. I love it.