Monday, April 9, 2007

Little Tid Bits . . .

Well, now that I've officially said hello I figured I should give you a little of my knitting background. So here we go . . . .

It all started back in June of last year when I was having a difficult time adjusting to the new town we'd moved to. I'd had a bit of a rough time in the beginning, but we'd (hubby and I) already been in this town for over a year and I still had moments of utter boredom and frustration. I moved from a young liberal town to a more conservative big city. Anyhow, to make a long story short I was not happy and it was getting old. So my husband and mother decided that the best thing for me would be a hobby. A hobby hmmm? Ya know something to take my mind off of the complaining and on to something more productive and all mine. When they suggested that I instantly knew what I wanted to do. Knitting! I kept hearing about it and I'd seen my sister-in-law doing it and it looked so interesting. The yarn, needles and all the stitch, stitch, stitch.

So I hit the local craft store picked up some needles, yarn, a how to book (this one) and got stitching.

This is my first swatch. Aaah how cute!
a swatch only a knitter could love.

Since then I've made hats, scarves, and fingerless gloves. I've already had a few abandoned projects , and they may never get finished.

Here are a two of my favorite scarf projects so far:

Argosy Scarf

Alchemy Scarf
(pattern found here)

My current project is Orangina.

I'm sure I'm like the last person on earth to make it, but when I first saw it I just couldn't forget it. It's my first time knitting a top, so I'm sure it'll provide lots of blogging material and maybe some laughs for you. At the least it's something pretty to look at.

So that's probably what you'll be hearing about for the next few weeks. Hope that's o.k.!

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