Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What about me? Take 2

O.k. so I couldn't stop thinking about how lame my post yesterday was. I know there's a bit more going on with me than what I wrote, but I guess I just couldn't concentrate last night. The hubby was watching this last night and it was a bit loud and distracting.

So of course here I am at work on my lunch break and I'm totally procrastinating. So now is as good a time as any to try again! So here we go. . .

As I mentioned before I work in the non-profit sector which I love. I also love the arts, film especially. And while I enjoy my job I'd like to eventually start my own wee non-profit like this one. So I'm currently waiting to hear back from a graduate program in Public Administration. I hope to start classes in the fall and be on my way to fulfilling that dream. Aside from knitting, I like to spend time outdoors with the pups (AND the hubby). We just got a new dog park in my area so that's exciting for us. Um, love to read and cook and of course eat! There is like a gazillion other things I'd love to try in the future, but I'm trying to stay focused on knitting and school right now.

I'm kind of a slow knitter right now, but I don't mind. If I never get super speedy that's alright by me. I just enjoy what I can do. I'm really enjoying knitting and every time I look around I find a new project to crave.

I've already got a couple of projects lined up after Orangina:

-Counterpane Carpetbag from the book "Handknit Holidays"

-Split neck tee from the book "Fitted Knits"

So there ya go folks a wee bit more about little ol'me and the yarn in my life. Have a good one!

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Yarn Thing said...

Nice to meet you YaYa! Can't wait to see hear more from you and see what beautiful projects you are working on in the future!

Take Care,