Monday, May 21, 2007


Yes, it's true. In my knitting world 1+1=1. I FINALLY finished knitting the front and back of Orangina. So 1 front, plus 1 back, equals 1 Orangina.

I made myself knit at every possible moment this weekend, even if it drove me to insanity! Please don't get me wrong. I've really enjoyed knitting Orangina, but I really want to finish so I can wear it already! It's nobody's fault but my own. I'm still a relatively new knitter, so I knit a bit on the slower side. Plus I don't always have large chunks of knitting time. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, baby. Ah, the sweet smell of a finished object is on the horizon. See I even have a picture to prove it. My blob of Orangina:

In other news, I just saw Music and Lyrics with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. It was a cute movie, nothing spectacular, but great for a lazy Sunday evening. What I really loved about the film was Drew Barrymore's wardrobe. I loved her look in the movie and I especially liked a cardigan thingy she wore.

It's a cardigan in some sort of lace pattern, but the sleeves are wide where they meet the shoulder and kind of wing out. The picture doesn't illustrate what I'm talking about, but it's the best I could find. I would love to knit something similar to it, but don't know of a pattern. If anybody actually knows what I'm talking about, from my oh so great explanation, can you let me know?

O.k. back to Orangina, Orangina, Orangina. . . .

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Kara said...

Hugh grant totally made that movie for me. But that cardigan is really darling. If you find a pattern, let me know!