Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Big Blue

I've got just a few minutes to post some updates on my knitting and some new additions to the stash. I have my first midterm next week, so I have to wrap my brain around studying instead of these lovelies:
That pyramid of yarn is Laines du Nord Softlight in a dark navy color. I bought mine over at Elann. Can I just say how happy I was with their service!

Anyhoo, I bought the yarn while I was waiting for some other yarn to arrive for a top secret project (more on that way later). The Laines du Nord yarn is for this sweater made by Nicole of HeyAwesome. How friggin' cute is that! I first read about it over on FlintKnits since she was making one too. Needless to say the follower in me set in and I couldn't resist.

I'm in the process of swatching on size 10 needles so this project should go quickly. Well, provided I can find the time between work, school, and a gazillion other things.

I don't have pictures of my progress on they Lacy Cardi, but rest assured I'm still working on it. I'm a few rows shy of finishing the last panel and moving on to some sleeves.

One thing though. . .I may run out of yarn. We'll see.

O.k. gotta run!


Christie said...

What a great color! And that sweater is very cute. I'm glad to hear your still working on the cardi...RUN OUT OF YARN!?!?! arrrr!!! Let's hope not!

Felicia said...

Beautiful pyramid :)

pamela wynne said...

well, if you run out of yarn, I have a zillion skeins I got from Elann and decided not to use -- you're welcome to as many as you need! :)