Sunday, November 4, 2007

Le Foliage

Although it's not quite cool enough to wear a hat all day around here, the mornings have been cooler so it's possible to wear one without too many stares. I started Foliage earlier this week, because I wanted a warm hat to wear to N's (the husband) cycling race this morning. So searched Ravelry and was going to knit some other pattern, when I remembered Foliage. It was a fairly simple knit and I only ran into problems in the beginning. I'd never knit a hat top down, so maneuvering size 7 dpns was a challenge at first. When I was done this is what I got.
Um, yeah it turned out a bit too big. Well not big, just a bit loose. Not sure if it was me or the yarn I was using, so next time I'll probably try only 2 repeats of the leaf pattern to see if that gives me a snugger fit. I still like the end result though. . .when worn appropriately and not like Dumb Donald.
The bit of looseness gives it a bit of a slouchy fit, which you can't see really see in this pic. Apparently, the slouchy fit is in among some of Hollywood's fashionistas, so by default so is my new hat!

Oh and in case you prefer the first model here you go.
Unlike me, she's not so happy with the hat and doesn't care how "in" the style is. . . still.


Kara said...

I actually like the slouchy look. You're right, it is a very hot style right now and I think it looks adorable on you.

Felicia said...

LOL Its cause she needs some ear holes! :)