Saturday, November 17, 2007

Orangey Distraction

This is my attempt to distract you with food.
There has been knitting, just no time for picture taking. It's nearing the end of the semester, so I have papers and projects to procrastinate . . um, I mean focus on. A girl has to eat though and trust me that I don't forget to do.

The recipe is for Orange Ricotta Pancakes, and they are delicious! I just happened to have some ricotta that I needed to use up in my fridge when I came across the recipe, so it all worked well for a little recipe taste test. Don't you just love it when you have everything on hand for a recipe? I do, I love instant craving satisfaction!

I'm not a huge pancake fan, but the idea of ricotta in pancakes was just to interesting to pass up. Besides, N loves anything breakfast so I figured he'd eat them if I didn't like them. I lovingly call him my garbage disposal, because the man will eat almost anything I put in front of him. Gotta love that!

The pancakes, topped with some cherry preserves, were in fact worthy of my breakfast plate. They were slightly sweet, fluffy, and the orange scent just filled the kitchen as I cooked. I tried them with some maple syrup, but that made them too sweet. I recommend a sour cherry preserve or something along those lines. The pancakes were even good on their own as a sweet treat. If you try them let me know!

If I don't post before Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has a great holiday with family and friends! It's a good time to knit, relax, and be thankful!

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