Saturday, February 14, 2009

How do I love thee!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have to admit I hesitated a bit about posting today, because I wondered if folks out there were a bit jaded/nauseated/overwhelmed/so over Valentine's day. I know the marketing surrounding today is waaayyy much. I mean c'mon I started seeing Valentine's day candy back in early January. Seriously, as if we don't get inundated around the holidays.

But this time of year holds a special place in my heart even if big business has decided to make it into the cash cow of love. It's not because N and I celebrate an anniversary, although I do know some good friends who do. It's not because I just looooove pink and red. I'd much rather see them separately. The reason I love Valentine's day so much is because it's the day before my birthday! Nerdy, I know. It just kind of makes the whole two days feel like a celebration. As I write that it actually sounds a bit selfish. I know, I know. But trust me I totally don't make it about me today. I just love celebrations, so the fact that I get to celebrate Valentine's and then my birthday has always been kinda cool for me.

So today in the spirit of love (no I'm not going to gush about the husband, although I love my hunk of a man.) Instead, I thought I'd share some things I love with you!

1. Knitting. Duh. I just really enjoy being a knitter and am so happy that my mom was frank enough to tell me, "you need a hobby". The community of knitters, knit-bloggers, and LYSs I have encounterd is just so inspiring, fun, hilarious, and caring.

2. Food. another duh if you know me well. People, I love to eat. The internet has only fed that passion (no pun intended). I've followed a few food blogs, but I recently added some to the list of food blogs I already read. I'm excited to get to know them. The photography is drool worthy and beautiful. And, the recipes that I've tried have been fan-freakin-tastic!

3. My pups. Seriously, who wouldn't love faces like this:

4. Gardening. I don't really have the greatest of green thumbs, but I'm learning a lot. I'm looking forward to growing a different variety of herbs this spring and maybe some veggies on our balcony.

5. The new yarn shop I found in Comfort, Texas. The Tinsmith's Wife. I know I already mentioned LYSs in the beginning, but this shop is awesome. I knew I loved it the moment I walked in the door. It has a huge selection, a friendly staff, and such a warm and inviting atmosphere. Atmosphere is a really big deal for me in a yarn shop.

6. The new camera we just bought. A Nikon D60. I am a total amateur, but I can see the difference in quality immediately. I mean who knew a succulent plant could look so cool. I mean I know they're cool plants, otherwise why would I bother keeping them, but the camera just makes them look way cooler.

7. I really love small, family owned businesses (like growers, spinners, and dyers) who love what they do, care about how they produce their product, and who take care of the land and animals that sustain them. For examples visit the Knit Local Ravelry group.

8. Did I already mention food? O.k. I so I did. Let me add that while I enjoy consuming it, I also enjoy cooking. It is therapeutic (most of the time) and it's another way to be creative. Plus it helps that N is also a great cook!

9. That reminds me I love my hubby! Sorry I had to sneak that in. Over the last year and a half that I've been in school he has really had to carry a lot of the load around here. I quit working full-time and haven't really done much other than school. He has supported me in every way possible and never once complained about me doing it. He's encouraged me, pushed me, and believed in me every step of the way. Babe, you rock!

10. Friends. Recently, this has been on my mind. I've always known that friendships are important, but recently I've learned how really, really integral they are in our lives. Dude, its hard work keeping a friendship going. I know some of you may think that a real friendship shouldn't be, and I agree, but time can get in the way and before you know 3 years have gone by since you've seen someone you really care about. But the great thing is that good friendships are able to pick up right where they left off.

So, I hope you enjoy today. It doesn't have to be about all the Hallmark, chocolates, and flowers. It can simply be about the little things and being grateful for them. In fact, it should be a year round thing......Especially the friends and chocolate.


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I sure do enjoy reading your blog. :-) elzbee