Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Puerto Rico: Day One San Juan

We arrived in San Juan around 3:30 to a slightly overcast and humid day. We were a bit tired and definitely hungry (we're always hungry). We were tired, but happy to have arrived and be on vacation. After collecting our belongings we got a taxi to take us to the guesthouse where we would be spending 2 nights. We had never traveled to Puerto Rico and aside from the small bit of research we did, we didn't know what to expect.

It was a short taxi ride from the airport to Andalucia Guesthouse where we were greeted by a guest who has been visiting Puerto Rico and staying at the guesthouse for the past 4 (er maybe 7) years. That made me feel good. The guy was from Baltimore and he comes to San Juan every year for his birthday. He told us a bit about San Juan while we waited for the owner to check us in to our room. He gave us some good tips and of course we asked about the best places to eat (it's a running theme with us, food).

After unloading our bags and taking stock of our room (it had cable, a guilty pleasure for us non-cable folk) we set out on foot a whole block and a half to Kasalta, a local neighborhood diner that has been around for 30 some odd years. Most folks would probably have gone straight to the beach, but we have our priorities straight. You say good food, we listen.

So, after splitting a simple Cubano, N and I headed to the beach which was all of 3 blocks away. I know rough huh? This is what we saw:

I had not seen a beach in far too long and N and I had never been to the beach together in the 8 years we've been together. Needless to say, we were in heaven. We sat around for a while just taking it all in. We were on vacation and it was amazing.

Rule #1 of any vacation: No keeping track of time. So, after who knows how long we got up, walked around a bit and breathed in vacation.

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