Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Snow White

Um, it's been ridiculously busy these past two weeks so I haven't had time to post. It's all work related, but after tomorrow things should be slowing down. I also have some fun weekends coming up. My SIL is coming next weekend and we're gonna do a fun little brunch here at our apartment. I may bust out some dishes that we got as wedding presents and that are still unopened 4 1/2 years later!

I also have a weekend trip to Boston coming up and am looking forward to a cooler climate. We've had 100+ degree temps for far to many days this summer. Too hot to even enjoy the summer, which is a bummer.

Anyhow, I do have some knitting to show you. May I present to you February Baby Sweater #2 a.k.a. Snow White a.k.a. I needed a cute title for today's post.

Here's a better pic sans model:

This cute little knit is for a friend who had her adorable daughter back in January. Mom is a total girlie girl, so I wanted something uber cute and sweet. I realize white may not be the most practical color for a baby, but it sure makes for one cute sweater. Plus the pink buttons just put it over the top.

I shipped it off last week, but I haven't heard anything from mom. I hope she got it!

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Kara said...

This sweater is just so perfect,I think every baby should have one. Love it!