Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a month

1. Go on antibiotics for sinus infection

2. Get loads of rain after a horribly hot and dry summer.

3. Rain causes ceiling in apartment bathroom to crack.

4. Rain leaks into bathroom and mold proceeds to grow.

5. Deal with apartment management. Semi-helpful.

6. Apartment management agrees to move us to new unit. (bigger too! Ok a good thing).

7. Move all our junk in one day.

8. Solidfy fact that I am a packrat.

9. Proceed to feel like crud today.

10. Find out that I am running a fever of 102.6

11. Don't have flu. Another good thing.

12. Back on antibiotics with steriods as a chaser.

13. Find out that even athletes get sick. Sean Elliot is in line at CVS. Wonder what's wrong with him?

At least I can rest to tomorrow. N has been amazing.

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