Sunday, October 18, 2009

Coming back to life

Being sick stinks. Period.

I don't remember feeling as crummy as I had all this week. It knocked me off my socks and kept me there for a few days. No bueno.

I finally started to feel a bit more myself this weekend. I tried to keep activity to a minimum in order to let my body rest. I think my body is grateful.

Truth be told I think I've been going a bit too hard recently. My body needed a rest and it just took it without asking me. I don't blame it.

I'm sorry body.

The wonderful nurses I've had all week have also helped get me back to normal. N has been amazing and patient with my less than attractive, snotty-nosed, lung-hacking self. He kind of rocks.

Asia and Capone have also done there part. Not as good as N, but there part nonetheless.

In fact, Capone tried "laughter is the best medicine" earlier in the week when he proceeded to gut his duck just a bit more.

Sorry for the crummy phone pic, but please notice the tuft of stuffing hanging precariously from his mouth.

Is that a guilty look or what?

I know I owe you a picture of my finished sweater (sans buttons). I tried today, but it didn't work out. Hopefully next post.

Hope all is well whereever you may be and I hope you're staying healthy!

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Daniel Harding said...

I miss that pooch. Glad you're feeling better.