Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Missions

A couple of weeks ago, N and I headed out to to watch a preview of the documentary The National Parks: America's Best Idea, a film by Ken Burns. It was being shown outdoors at the San Antonio Missions, which is a national historical park in town.

It was a beautiful evening that wasn't too hot or too cool. A nice preview of what will eventually turn into Fall around these parts.

They had some matachines, traditional religious dancers, before the preview. I hadn't seen matachines in some time. They wear brightly colored costumes and typically dance to the beat of a drummer.

After the dance, there was some downtime between the showing so I wandered around the mission a bit. It was nice to walk around the old church and the surrounding courtyard. The only other time I've been to the missions is when I went on a group cycling ride.

I love the architecture of the church and surrounding buildings. These walls must have seen a lot and I'm sure if they could talk, would have amazing stories.

The screening itself had a few technical hiccups and we left before it was all over. It was worth the trip though. It was a beautiful evening in a beautiful setting. Plus, I got to kinnear the mission's priest :-)

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